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      Privacy Policy

      Recognizing that, as a member of the Toppan group, the appropriate handling and thorough protection of personal information is a social responsibility, on June 1, 2011 T&T Enertechno Co., Ltd. established its Personal Information Protection Policy and company regulations regarding the protection of personal information. While implementing company-wide measures for personal information protection, we will continually review the policy and regulations in consideration of changes in the law and social conditions. Under this policy, we manage personal information received from customers or obtained by T&T Enertechno itself with the utmost care.

      T&T Enertechno Co, Ltd. Personal Information Protection Policy

      We declare that in order to protect the rights of individuals and reciprocate customers' trust, the protection of personal information is a vital management issue related to corporate social responsibility, and we implement it comprehensively throughout all the Company's divisions and departments.

      1. We hold great respect for the dignity of the individual and endeavor to protect the personal information handled by the Company in line with our internal rules, fully complying with laws, government guidelines and other regulations related to personal information, and with the principles of social order.
      2. Taking into consideration the business and scale of the Company, we will obtain, use and provide personal information using fair and lawful procedures while implementing concrete measures to ensure it is not used for purposes other than those specified.
      3. We are acutely aware of the risks that threaten the personal information handled by the Company, such as wrongful access, loss, damage, manipulation, and leakage, and shall take all necessary and reasonable safety measures. In the case of a problem arising, we shall rectify it quickly and appropriately.
      4. We will establish an information desk to deal with inquiries related to the personal information handled by the Company. If we are consulted by or receive a complaint or other communication from the person whom the information concerns, we will respond sincerely and deal with it appropriately and without delay.
      5. We shall establish, implement and continually improve a personal information protection management system.

      Established June 1, 2011

      Kazuhiko Nagahara
      President & Representative Director
      T&T Enertechno Co., Ltd.

      Compliance Department, Legal Affairs Division, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
      Fax: +81-3-3835-1447

      Update/display: Sep 30, 2015

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