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      Site Policy

      Regarding use of the Website

      The T&T Enertechno Website located at http://www.unspaxu.com.cn/ (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) is operated by T&T Enertechno Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "T&T Enertechno "). Users of the Website are assumed to have agreed to the following conditions. Note that, as the content of this Site Policy may change, users are requested to read the latest version of the policy.


      All content in the Website is the property of T&T Enertechno, or the property of third parties for which T&T Enertechno has received permission to use. This content is protected by copyright laws. With the exception of non-commercial and private use, the reproduction, reprinting, alteration, redistribution, use, or translation into other languages of any portion of this Website without the prior consent of T&T Enertechno is prohibited.


      The names of T&T Enertechno products and services appearing in the Website are registered trademarks or trademarks owned by T&T Enertechno, or trademarks for which T&T Enertechno possesses usage rights. Furthermore, the names of products and services of other companies appearing in the Website are registered trademarks or trademarks owned by the relevant companies, or trademarks for which the relevant companies possess usage rights.


      Information appearing in the Website may include inaccuracies. Moreover, T&T Enertechno reserves the right to alter the content of the Website, as well as alter the products and services appearing in the Website. Users wishing to utilize information appearing in the Website are urged to make responsible judgments regarding use of this information in accordance with their own objectives. Users are further asked to be aware that under no circumstances will T&T Enertechno assume responsibility for damage arising from the use of information, products, or services appearing in the Website.

      Applicable law and competent court

      Unless otherwise provided, use of the Website and matters pertaining to the Website shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Moreover, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive competent court of first trial for all disputes arising in connection with the Website.

      Use of the Website URL

      Users are requested to ensure that the URL of the Website takes either of the following forms when referring to it in other websites, publications, printed material, documents, etc.

      1. http://www.unspaxu.com.cn/
      2. www.unspaxu.com.cn

      Warranty and limitation of liability

      The Website may be changed or terminated without prior notice. T&T Enertechno shall assume no responsibility for any damage arising from said change or termination.


      The Website uses the plug-ins described below. Users who have not installed the plug-ins are requested to download them from the links shown below before they use the Website. Please be aware that the plug-ins may be changed without notice.

      Adobe Reader is required to view PDF files. (Files will open in separate windows.)Download Adobe Reader (free of charge) here.


      Systems using Flash will require Adobe Flash Player.Download Adobe Flash Player (free of charge) here.



      The Website uses advanced web technology in some pages, including cascading style sheets (CSS) and JavaScript. Consequently, use of browsers that are incompatible with these technologies or older versions of browsers may result in limited functionality or instances in which web pages do not display properly.

      Please be aware that print outs of displays and the actual screen displays may differ depending on the browser or operating system being used.

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