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      Inspection Business

      Battery Quality Inspection Service and Inspection Equipment Sales

      We offer a battery quality inspection service using a sampling inspection system that uses the world's first technology designed for instant, non-destructive imaging of current density distribution inside a storage battery. In addition, we are also engaged in the sale of the same type of sampling inspection equipment that we use for such battery quality inspections.
      Identifying faults within the battery at very high accuracy contributes to quality control, failure analysis, and ignition prevention.

      We offer optimal solutions for customers that want to

      • Determine current density distribution within batteries non-destructively
      • Conduct high-accuracy, high-speed battery quality inspections at low cost
      • Predict possible risks such as short circuits and ignitions
      • Conduct sampling inspections during battery product shipping inspections

      Inspection Method

      • ?An alternating current is applied to the battery. The magnetic field generated by the alternating current is then measured with a pico-tesla scale ultra-high sensitive magnetic sensor.
      • ?The magnetic field data acquired is used to analytically solve the static magnetic field inverse problem, converted to current density distribution data, and imaged in real-time to identify any faults in the battery.


      We have a vast amount of experience inspecting batteries including:

      • ?Lithium-ion batteries (including laminated pouch and square can types)
      • ?Solid-state batteries
      • ?Nickel‐hydrogen batteries

      Battery Quality Inspection Service

      Our technical staff inspect and analyze batteries from customers.

      Battery Inspection Service Information

      • ?We are able to provide customers with a results report two weeks* after receiving the samples.
      • ?We can handle inspection requests starting from single sample inspections.
      • ?We provide inspections regardless of classification (prototype battery under development, battery under mass production, etc.)
      • ?We can inspect batteries up to A4 size (separate consultation required for larger batteries).
      • Since the inspections are non-destructive, batteries can be returned in the same condition as they were in before inspection.
      • Customers can also consult with us and attend the inspection process.

      Battery Inspection Equipment Sales

      Our company is engaged in the sale of the same type of sampling inspection equipment that we use to provide our battery quality inspection service.

      Example Product: FOCUS

      Product Features

      Quality: Ultra-high Accuracy Inspections

      This inspection equipment is equipped with a special magnetic sensor capable of detecting extremely weak magnetic levels. Due to this capability, it detects the slightest irregularities in current density distribution as well as short circuits inside batteries without fail.

      Cost: Low Cost

      Using This inspection equipment allows your company to keep running costs very low.

      Delivery: Inspections at Super High Speed

      Performs each battery quality inspection in a very short amount of time.

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